The BBC were filming a program in Easton Bristol called #OperationPeoplePower with presenters Dave Myers, Nicki Chapman and Mark Millar. It was about the positive impact of volunteering and how people can come together to transform a space or a community project. I was invited to participate and paint the front of this huge building which is home to the charity Baggator, they help disadvantaged locals and offer a space for activities, music, group meetings… Lots of volunteers showed up to transform the interior and the garden area.

The wall was massive so I needed help to achieve something in 3 or 4 days. I had thought about collaborating with Zase for many years, he’s a talented 3D lettering artist based in Bristol, he also paints commissions involving animals, people and nature. He asked his friend Dekor to join us, he paints really good characters. So together we came up with this idea which is about ‘Aiming high’, achieving your goals and not giving up, a positive mural for the neighbourhood.

It was a pleasure to be involved with such an energetic project and everyone enjoyed watching the transformation.



Here is a scene from BBC1’s Operation People Power when they revealed the street art: